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Advertise with Us

Want to reach New Zealand’s premier professional audience? Advertise with The New Zealand Law Society Te Kāhui Ture o Aotearoa. 

The Law Society is the national independent, regulatory and professional membership body for lawyers in New Zealand. By advertising with us, you can talk directly to this exclusive group. 

Every week, and sometimes more than once a week, one of our publications reaches an audience of 16,500 New Zealand lawyers’ inboxes. These are mainly female (53.9%), and there’s a high proportion of young lawyers. Thirty-four percent of all lawyers in New Zealand (2021) have seven years or less post qualification experience – meaning: you can reach a young, educated audience, who are probably around 30 years old or less. 

Some of our publications are specialised. They reach focused, select audiences in property, family law, and in-house law. You can have direct dialogue with those people and organisations you most wish to target. 

In addition, you can reach our professional, educated audience by advertising on our website – for some types of advertising only.

To find out more about our publications click here. For information about advertising options, download the Advertising Kit, or complete one of our booking forms.