Law reform background

19 March 2012
By Mary-Rose Russell and Marnie Prasad

Jury out on proposed criminal justice reforms

The Law Commission’s consultation paper Alternative models for prosecuting and trying criminal cases was released in mid-February 2012. Media coverage has been modest, despite the extraordinary reach of some of the proposed changes: to use a medical metaphor, the patient has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and radical surgery ... More about Jury out on proposed criminal justice reforms.

25 October 2011
By Graham Tubb and Tracey Lloyd

Tax schemes and aggressive tax planning

As part of its ongoing compliance programme, Inland Revenue is continuing to identify inappropriate schemes, tax planning and structures that unlawfully minimise tax. It is also focusing on the small group of individuals and businesses that use and promote them. A new page on IRD’s website, Tax schemes and aggressive ... More about Tax schemes and aggressive tax planning.

1 November 2010

Te Kooti Rangatahi aims

The marae-based youth court, Te Kooti Rangatahi, is an attempt to use the traditional values of tikanga Maori to turn around the lives of young Maori offenders. Te Kooti Rangatahi is a judicially-led initiative which the Ministry of Justice supports, says the Ministry’s district courts general manager, Tony Fisher. “The ... More about Te Kooti Rangatahi aims.

1 November 2010
By Rebecca Sellers

Why the FMA matters

Why the Financial Markets Authority matters Capital markets provide an interface between companies that need capital, and investors who provide capital. Investors and companies each seek growth; and this growth affects the country in which the capital market is located, for example by increased employment opportunities and tax revenue from ... More about Why the FMA matters.

27 October 2010

A-G on Rules Committee

Rules Committee speech a ‘safe landing’ Eschewing any suggestion he was recanting, Attorney-General the Hon Christopher Finlayson made a “safe landing” when he reviewed the Rules Committee in a speech to the New Zealand Bar Association conference in Queenstown in September 2010. The Minister’s main point, that he endorsed the ... More about A-G on Rules Committee.

27 October 2010
By Ian Robertson

Animal welfare law issues

Animal welfare and the ‘emotional link’ A recent amendment to the Animal Welfare Act 1999 raises the maximum sentences and fines for animal ill treatment and neglect, and redefines the way some offences are described. The Act expands the threshold for the offence of wilful ill treatment - the most ... More about Animal welfare law issues.

27 October 2010
By Jason Tuck

Software patents

New Patents Act and software-related inventions A new Patents Act has prompted substantial debate. Jason Tuck, a technical adviser at James & Wells Intellectual Property, examines how software related inventions will fare under the new regime. The uncertainty surrounding Commerce Minister Simon Power’s announcement regarding a new Patents Act has ... More about Software patents.

27 October 2010
By Trevor Slater

Financial services reg changes

Financial services regulation – what lawyers need to know I wonder how many members of the legal profession are truly aware of the substantial impact of the new laws that will apply to the finance industry from 1 December 2010. The most obvious effect will be the request for advice ... More about Financial services reg changes.

27 October 2010

Name suppression and publication

Name Suppression and Name PublicationTwo recent developments have focused in different ways on the principles behind making the names of individuals public.On 5 October, Justice Minister Simon Power released information on government plans to impose new laws and rules to control the suppression of names in court proceedings. The next ... More about Name suppression and publication.