Landonline and firm merger notification requirements

When Landonline firms amalgamate or consolidate multiple branches, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) needs to merge them in Landonline.

For this to occur, a letter signed by a partner/director of both merging firms is required advising that a merger is occurring, or that a firm wants to consolidate their Landonline account.

The letter needs to provide the following information:

  • which firms are merging and what the new firm will be known as;
  • the specific Landonline licence(s) moving across, eg two e-dealing licences;
  • which users will be moving to the new firm;
  • which users are not to be moved;
  • what the new firm’s address will be;
  • if the existing Management Contact, Trusted Contact, Billing Contact and System Manager are to remain in the new firm; and
  • updated email, phone and fax information for users moving across.

Web forms are not required as LINZ’s Sign Up team will action the above for you.

For conveyancing firms, the Landonline account is kept open in the background to enable completion of any outstanding e-dealings of the old firm. Any new e-dealings need to be set up in the new firm’s workspace.

Merging survey firms need to transfer plans to a surveyor in the new firm before closure of the old firms.

The LINZ Sign Up team will contact the firm upon receipt of the merge request.

Merge instruction letters should be sent to:

Landonline Sign Up
Land Information New Zealand
Private Bag 4721
Christchurch 8140

To discuss the merger before forwarding instructions, call Customer Support on 0800 665 463, or send an email to

- Information provided by Land Information New Zealand, December 2010.