About us

The New Zealand Law Society regulates New Zealand’s legal profession and provides a wide range of services to its members.

New Zealand has 11,500 practising lawyers, all of whom are regulated by the Law Society and for whom the Society provides representative and collegial services.

Regulating New Zealand’s lawyers

The Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 requires the New Zealand Law Society to control and regulate the practice of law in New Zealand, and assist and promote the reform of the law (for the purpose of upholding the rule of law and the administration of justice).

Among the Society’s regulatory activities are:
  • issuing practising certificates;
  • maintaining a register of lawyers;
  • making practice rules;
  • law reform activities, including submissions on legislation;
  • managing the Lawyers Complaints Service;
  • operating a Financial Assurance scheme;
  • operating a Fidelity Fund.
All lawyers are regulated, and must pay the required regulatory fees and levies.

Law Society services for the legal profession

Most of New Zealand’s lawyers are members of the New Zealand Law Society. The Law Society provides a wide range of services and facilities to its members, with the objective of enhancing and promoting the effective practice of law in New Zealand and assuring a strong and united legal profession.

Key Law Society services include:
  • Branch services at 13 branches around New Zealand;
  • CLANZ, the Law Society section for inhouse counsel;
  • Continuing legal education from NZLS CLE Ltd;
  • Family Law Section for family lawyers;
  • Find a Lawyer;
  • Law Awareness brochures;
  • LawPoints weekly e-newsletter;
  • LawTalk fortnightly magazine;
  • Library services throughout New Zealand;
  • Locum Service;
  • my.lawsociety legal news and resources website;
  • National Friends Panel;
  • New Zealand Law Society website;
  • Photo Identification Card;
  • Practising Well website for lawyer health and wellbeing.
  • Property Law Section for property lawyers.