Technology and legal practice

2 February 2017

Four helpful apps for lawyers

SwiftKey is a third party keyboard application.It is available for both Android and iPhone as an alternative to a phone’s default keyboard.The keyboard’s swiping function - when the user slides their finger continuously across the keyboard - allows for a more fluid motion with faster input. This function was designed ... More about Four helpful apps for lawyers.

31 January 2017

The Cloud

Ironically, what we know as the cloud, the shared pool of resources online, is not very cloud-like. It comprises hundreds of tonnes of computers in data centres around the world. If you look up at a cloud like that above you then you’d better run.The cloud is a concept rather ... More about The Cloud.

26 January 2017

e-Discovery Software: The basics

The discovery process can be time-consuming and tedious.Having to sort out relevant information, catalogue it, number it, then print out multiple copies ... only to then lose page 10 of a 30-page email thread which requires you to sift through your files at 8pm to find the right page and ... More about e-Discovery Software: The basics.

22 June 2015

Open and transparent billing

Are your current billing practices potentially misleading?Examples of potentially misleading practices include:conflating an "agency fee" or other firm charges with a disbursement such as a LINZ fee when there is no agent;charging an additional fee (such as an agency fee) whether or not recorded as a disbursement when there has ... More about Open and transparent billing.

1 November 2010
By OnGuard

OnGuard and Baldwins

OnGuard – Baldwins case study Background Founded 114 years ago, patent attorney and associated law firm, Baldwins, has built an extensive history servicing clients in New Zealand and throughout the world. Firmly established as a leader in its field, Baldwins has helped businesses achieve and maintain their commercial advantage in ... More about OnGuard and Baldwins.

27 October 2010
By Secured Signing

Secured Signing signatures

Secured Signing is a legally binding and innovative Cloud Computing (SaaS) service that allows Legal firms of all sizes and their clients and business associates to sign contracts, shareholder consents, director resolutions, reports, minutes and other forms of documentation securely online. Secured Signing Ltd., an Albany based company has recently ... More about Secured Signing signatures.

27 October 2010

A Memory Tree death notices

Death notices published in New Zealand daily newspapers are being gathered, stored and made available to subscribers by a local company. The company, A Memory Tree, says it collects information on 99% of deaths listed in New Zealand. Lawyers can subscribe to a service to receive emails notifying them of ... More about A Memory Tree death notices.

27 October 2010

SafeKiwi Real Estate Trust

An alternative to the traditional real estate office in-house trust account is now being offered by Mike Pero, founder of Mike Pero Mortgages. SafeKiwi Real Estate Trust is an online web-based application that holds the customer’s deposit or funds outside the office and under the custody of the Public Trust. ... More about SafeKiwi Real Estate Trust.