Ryoichi Ohno, attorney-at-law and a divorce settlement

This scam is a variation on the usual "divorce settlement" scam in that the scammer pretends to be a lawyer for a Japanese law firm. The South Toranomon Law Offices do exist, but they use their own email system rather than the yahoo.com preferred by "Ryoichi Ohno".

From: South Toranomon Law Offices <southtoranomonlawoffices@yahoo.com>

Subject: Divorce Settlement

Dear Colleague

I have a divorce settlement in your jurisdiction let me know if you can help to discuss this further because of the time difference between Asia and Yours we prefer communication via email.

I awaits your reply


OHNO, Ryoichi


South Toranomon Law Offices

Japan Gas Ass'n Building, Suite 500

1-15-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0001 Japan