Practice management


Information and resources which are relevant to the management of a legal practice or a group of lawyers in practice in New Zealand.

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Spotlight on Law Firms (23 May 2017)

New Zealand has over 1,900 privately-owned organisations from which practising lawyers provide legal services. Over half of these have just one practising lawyer. At 1 February 2017 a total of 8,139 lawyers worked in law... More about Spotlight on Law Firms.

Spotlight on Barristers (15 May 2017)

At 1 February 2017...Barristers make up 11% of New Zealand-based lawyers (1337 barristers out of 12,642) but the proportion of lawyers who are barristers has been falling over the last few years.Barristers as proportion of... More about Spotlight on Barristers.

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