Neville Clarke Jaine, 1939 - 2018

The former acting Chief District Court Judge and head of the Police Complaints Authority, Neville Jaine, has been remembered as a man who, during a long and successful career was energetic, thoughtful and possessed a mischievous sense of humour.Mr Jaine died on 10 November 2018 in Masterton, three weeks short... More about Neville Clarke Jaine, 1939 - 2018.

Jane Walsh, 1981 - 2018

Timaru lawyer Jane Walsh died on 13 August 2018 aged 37, following an accident.The President of the Canterbury-Westland Branch of the New Zealand Law Society has paid tribute to Ms Walsh.Grant Tyrrell says Ms Walsh, a partner at Gresson Dorman & Co, was “a highly talented lawyer and an outstanding... More about Jane Walsh, 1981 - 2018.

Richard Peterson, 1940 - 2018

Richard Peterson, who died on 12 January 2018 aged 77, was a well-regarded Wellington solicitor, a talented musician and sportsman who represented New Zealand in the sport of fencing.Richard was born in 1940, the eldest of two boys and grew up in the family home in Khandallah where he lived... More about Richard Peterson, 1940 - 2018.

Rowland Woods, 1936 - 2018

Rowland Woods, who died on 4 January 2018 aged 81, was a member of that relatively rare company – those who come late to the law. It is far from unknown of course, but in Rowland’s case it was quite late: he was 61 when he was admitted in 1998.A... More about Rowland Woods, 1936 - 2018.

Allison Jane Adams 1960 - 2017

A former convenor of the New Zealand Law Society’s Auckland Standards Committee 4, who recently died will be remembered for her energy, wisdom, intellect and tireless work ethic.Allison Jane Adams, who was 57 died on 8 September after a short illness. She had given nine years of voluntary service to... More about Allison Jane Adams 1960 - 2017.

Judge John Cadenhead, 1937 - 2017

Retired District Court Judge John Cadenhead of Auckland died suddenly on 25 August 2017 while on holiday in Hawaii. He was 80 years old.Born in Christchurch on 1 February 1937, Judge Cadenhead was educated at Christchurch Boys' HIgh School and then Canterbury University, graduating with an LLB in 1958. He... More about Judge John Cadenhead, 1937 - 2017.

John Barr Stevenson, 1936 - 2017

Former Izard Weston lawyer John Stevenson, described as an “affable, generous, humane and knowledgeable” man, died on 1 June 2017 aged 80.John Barr Stevenson was a successful and enterprising lawyer. With a “sharp legal brain”, he was intellectually curious, a great reader and always looked forward to “opening the books”,... More about John Barr Stevenson, 1936 - 2017.

Judge Bruce Palmer, 1935 - 2017

In Court he was affectionately known as Judge “Paragraph” Palmer. Behind the bench where he resided for some 27 years, he will be remembered as a thorough man, a stickler for details who always read all of the evidence word for word that was being presented before his court room.Retired... More about Judge Bruce Palmer, 1935 - 2017.

Helen Kelly, 1964 - 2016

They say only the good die young and former Council of Trade Union president Helen Kelly is testament to that song by Billy Joel.Helen Kelly died on 14 October 2016 aged 52 and will be remembered for standing up for workers’ rights all over the country, but one of the... More about Helen Kelly, 1964 - 2016.

Denis Kohn, 1932 - 2016

Criminal defence lawyer Denis Kohn, who died on 29 September 2016, will be remembered not for just his legal skills but also for his humour, love of strong coffee and whisky, and song. He was 84.Denis lived a gregarious life in Gisborne. He was a musician, playing a Fender Stratocaster,... More about Denis Kohn, 1932 - 2016.

Margaret Doucas, 1950 - 2016

Margaret Doucas, leading patent lawyer, philanthropist and animal welfare activist, died in Wellington on 25 February 2016.She was a director of both Henry Hughes IP Ltd and Henry Hughes Law Ltd. With a back­ground in science and law, Mar­garet Doucas had almost 40 years experience providing stra­tegic intellectual property pro­tection... More about Margaret Doucas, 1950 - 2016.

Keith George Hales, 1948 - 2015

Keith Hales, a well-known and colourful lawyer, died on 31 December 2015, aged 67.Keith prided himself on being a "Strowan boy", although in his youth that part of the city was still known as Papanui! He attended Christchurch Boys' High School and graduated from Canterbury University while employed in the... More about Keith George Hales, 1948 - 2015.

Peter John Dennehy, 1931 - 2015

Peter Dennehy died in Hastings on 11 July 2015 aged 84. He leaves his wife of 57 years, Julie, five children and five grandchildren.Born on 9 April 1931 and raised in Whangarei, former Coroner Peter Dennehy won a scholarship to Sacred Heart in Auckland, before attending law school. He moved... More about Peter John Dennehy, 1931 - 2015.

Louise Elder, 1964 - 2014

Members of the legal profession were stunned and saddened by the sudden death of Masterton lawyer Louise Elder, aged 50, on 8 September 2014. Colleagues, court staff, police and clients were all profoundly shocked to hear the tragic news at a Masterton District Court sitting that morning, causing the abandonment... More about Louise Elder, 1964 - 2014.

Blair Antony Kiddle, 1971 - 2014

By Denise Arnold of Lyon O'Neale Arnold Blair Antony Kiddle was born on 5 September 1971 in Auckland to Susan and Robert Kiddle. He spent his first seven years in Auckland before shifting to Tauranga and attending Tauranga Primary School. Upon completing primary school he attended Tauranga Intermediate and Tauranga... More about Blair Antony Kiddle, 1971 - 2014 .

Stewart Underwood, 1970-2013

By Peter Cato Stewart Underwood, 30 March 1970 - 4 December 2013. After attending the funeral of my learned friend Stewart Underwood, I have been moved to acknowledge the passing of this courageous, caring and noble colleague. As a sole practitioner, conveyancer and property lawyer Stewart was a valued member... More about Stewart Underwood, 1970-2013.

Erika Kremic, 1925 – 2013

Erika Kremic died on 6 August 2013. She came of age in Germany during the Nazi era, her life and future interrupted by war. Her fortunes were later revived in New Zealand where she had a successful legal career. Born on 17 April 1925 in Munster, Westphalia, she enrolled at... More about Erika Kremic, 1925 – 2013.

John Haigh QC, 1947 - 2012

Leading Queen's Counsel John Haigh died suddenly in Auckland on 21 April 2012. He was aged 65. He was the first Queen’s Counsel to specialise in employment law, and he also developed an extensive criminal practice. Recently he had been involved in the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike... More about John Haigh QC, 1947 - 2012.

Sandra Mary Moran, 1945 - 2011

Members of the legal profession and former clients along with family and friends have mourned the death of Sandra Moran on 30 January 2011. Sandra was a trailblazer for women lawyers. In 1989 she was the first woman to be elected as president of the Wellington District Law Society, then... More about Sandra Mary Moran, 1945 - 2011.

Donald Lee, 1933 - 2010

In a busy life of professional involvement and community service Donald Lee in a sense had three careers: for 28 years he was a barrister and solicitor in general practice in Lower Hutt. Concurrent with legal practice, Don served in local government for 18 years in a variety of roles.... More about Donald Lee, 1933 - 2010.

Philip Hunter Cook, 1952 - 2010

Philip Cook who died recently as been described as an “outstanding lawyer … in the top rank of those doing professional indemnity work”. Phil Cook was a barrister who focused particularly on civil and commercial litigation, with emphasis on insurance law, adminstrative law and medical law. Among the qualities that... More about Philip Hunter Cook, 1952 - 2010.

Richard John Sutton, 1939 - 2009

Emeritus Professor Richard Sutton died in Dunedin on 17 April 2009 aged 70 years. Professor Sutton joined the Otago University law school faculty in 1980 after teaching at Auckland University for 15 years. During his time in the law, Professor Sutton tried his hand at many things, including conveyancing, opinion... More about Richard John Sutton, 1939 - 2009.

John Gibson QC, 1936 - 2009

A former convener of the New Zealand Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee and a member of the former New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, John Gibson QC, died in Wellington on 19 July 2009. A Victoria University of Wellington graduate, John Gibson became a partner in the Wellington firm of... More about John Gibson QC, 1936 - 2009.

Michael Taggart, 1955 - 2009

A member of the New Zealand Law Society’s Rule of Law Committee and distinguished Auckland law professor, Mike Taggart, died on 13 August 2009 after a year-long battle with illness. He was the second-youngest professor of law appointed at Auckland University when he took up that role in 1988 aged... More about Michael Taggart, 1955 - 2009.

Keith Robinson, 1933 - 2008

Keith Robinson, who passed away on September 15, 2008, had a long and successful career as a lawyer in private practice, as a Crown Counsel with the Crown Law Office, as a barrister sole, and as an employee of the Office of the Ombudsman. Keith has been described as a... More about Keith Robinson, 1933 - 2008.

Janice Lowe, 1936 - 2008

Well-known law reformer Janice Lowe died in Wellington in October 2008 aged 72. After graduating from Victoria University of Wellington with an MA in French with first class honours and an honours degree in law from Oxford University, she worked for a law firm in London, then for the Department... More about Janice Lowe, 1936 - 2008.

Jonathan Lee Williams, 1949 - 2007

Jonathan Williams died on 14 February 2007. He was aged 57.Jonathan graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with an LLB(Hons). While Jonathan was a hard worker and diligent in keeping up with level developments, he was blessed with a natrual intelligence which no amount of hard work can attain.Jonathan was... More about Jonathan Lee Williams, 1949 - 2007.

Jim Rowe, 1928 - 2007

Jim Rowe, long-serving lay member of the New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, died on 29 September 2007 aged 79. Appointed to the tribunal in 1992, Jim served for more than 15 years, stepping down only recently. Every member of the tribunal found Jim's presence invaluable, John Upton QC said,... More about Jim Rowe, 1928 - 2007.

Marion Thomson, 1911 - 2007

Life member of Otago Women Lawyers’ Society (OWLS), Marion Thomson, died on Thursday 1 March 2007 aged 95, the day before the Ethel Benjamin Commemorative Address, which she had hoped, as usual, to attend. Although she had retired from practice some time before OWLS was formed, Marion Thomson was a... More about Marion Thomson, 1911 - 2007.

Jennifer Lynch, 1950 – 2006

by Ivan Kwok Jennifer left school with her only qualification being School Certificate English. As an adult student with children she went back to College and later to Victoria University where she graduated with a LLB (Honours). Following graduation Jennifer joined the Treasury where she spent the entire 18 years... More about Jennifer Lynch, 1950 – 2006.

Richard Kearney, 1930 - 2005

Former District Court Judge and Waitangi Tribunal member Richard Kearney died in Tauranga on 27 March 2005.Against advice and despite having a wife and three children to support, Richard Kearney began to study law part-time at the age of 27. Shortly after qualifying he joined the Gisborne firm of Woodward... More about Richard Kearney, 1930 - 2005.

Vivien Margaret Angus, 1958 - 2004

Vivien Angus was born into a family of the law, her father Quentin practising at Waikanae/Otaki and later in Wellington at the Railways Department. She was educated at Khandallah School, Onslow College and Victoria University. At these places and throughout her life she was surrounded by friends who were inspired... More about Vivien Margaret Angus, 1958 - 2004.

Gerald Orchard, 1944 – 2003

Barrister and University of Canterbury Professor Gerald Orchard died of a brain tumour on 19 January 2003. He was aged 58. A Canterbury graduate, Professor Orchard was also the law school’s dean for 13 years until 2001. Born in Christchurch on 22 November 1944, Gerry Orchard was educated at Fendalton... More about Gerald Orchard, 1944 – 2003.

Maurice Bowen, 1927 - 2002

by Jim Boyack A former senior partner in the Auckland firm Bowen, Roche & Hill, Maurice Bowen, died peacefully in April 2002 after a long illness. He was 75. He is remembered by the profession for his very dry sense of humour, unfailing courtesy and devotion both to the cause... More about Maurice Bowen, 1927 - 2002.

Shirley Anne Parr, 1928 – 2002

Wellington lawyer Shirley Parr died on 1 March 2002, just one year short of her goal of 50 years in practice. After fighting for equal recognition while studying law at Victoria University, including the right to attend the law students’ annual dinner, Shirley Robson (as she was then) was admitted... More about Shirley Anne Parr, 1928 – 2002.

Dr Colin Aikman, 1919 - 2002

One of New Zealand’s most distinguished jurists, Dr Colin Aikman, died in Wellington in December 2002. Dr Aikman, who had an LLM from Victoria University and PhD from the London School of Economics, worked for the Department of External Affairs, the forerunner to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade,... More about Dr Colin Aikman, 1919 - 2002.

Antony Hearn QC, 1926 – 2002

The doyen of town planning and resource management law, Tony Hearn QC died on 10 June 2002 in Christchurch just months after celebrating 50 years in practice. Born in Christchurch on 24 February 1926, Tony Hearn studied at Victoria University and Canterbury University, and graduated with an LLB in 1952.... More about Antony Hearn QC, 1926 – 2002.

Bruce Bornholdt, 1933 - 2001

Anyone who doesn't think that, at the very least, Bruce Bornholdt was a real character, must be at the wrong funeral! I always think of Bruce with great affection, but also as a likeable rogue.Bruce was forthright to the point of, at times, being offensive. Many people here would however... More about Bruce Bornholdt, 1933 - 2001.

Laurie Schnauer, 1908 - 2001

New Zealand’s oldest practitioner Laurie Schnauer died in Auckland on 6 October 2001 aged 93. His last morning at work was on the Wednesday, just three days before his death. Educated at Auckland Grammar and Auckland University, Laurie Schnauer was admitted in 1931 and began practice at Brookfield Prendergast &... More about Laurie Schnauer, 1908 - 2001.

Sir Jack Rumbold QC, 1920 - 2001

Sir Jack Rumbold QC, who died in London in December 2001 aged 81, had a career which included being a principal legal adviser to British colonies gaining independence in Africa and president of the industrial tribunals of England and Wales. Born in Reefton in 1920, he graduated LLB from Canterbury... More about Sir Jack Rumbold QC, 1920 - 2001.

Sir David Beattie, 1924 - 2001

Former Governor-General and Supreme Court judge Sir David Beattie died suddenly at his home in Upper Hutt on 4 February 2001. New Zealand Law Society President Christine Grice said Sir David was highly regarded within the legal profession. He was born in Sydney in 1924 but grew up in Auckland.... More about Sir David Beattie, 1924 - 2001.

Frederick Duncan, 1918 - 2001

Ten days after clearing out his office at the beginning of August and handing over responsibility for his remaining clients – and so bringing to a close 123 years of history – Dunedin lawyer Fred Duncan died quietly at home. The firm known these days as Frederick L Duncan was... More about Frederick Duncan, 1918 - 2001.

Haddon Gilbert, 1932 - 2001

Former Family Court Judge Haddon Gilbert has died in Rotorua aged 69. Mr Gilbert graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 1955 and practised law in New Plymouth until he was appointed a stipendiary magistrate in 1976. In 1985 he moved to Rotorua as a Family Court Judge until his... More about Haddon Gilbert, 1932 - 2001.

Herman Strauss, 1907 – 2001

Long-serving Bell Gully partner Herman Strauss died on 26 May 2001 aged 94. Born in Germany, Dr Strauss originally graduated Doctor of Jurisprudence at Wuerzburg and qualfied in Germany in 1932. In 1951 he was called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn and admitted in Kenya in 1953. Having emigrated... More about Herman Strauss, 1907 – 2001.

Ross Penlington, 1931 - 2001

Former Christchurch lawyer and judge in Hong Kong, Ross Penlington, has died in Taupo aged 70. Born in Christchurch he graduated LLB from the University of Canterbury and practised in his father’s (Cedric Penlington) firm, Harper Pascoe & Co. In 1959 he went to Western Samoa as a legal officer... More about Ross Penlington, 1931 - 2001.

Leslie Paris, 1928 - 2000

Les Paris died on 27 December 2000 aged 72.The large framed certificate from the University of New Zealand in his office tells us that Les Paris graduated with an LLB in 1953 - his friend from Wellington College days, Spencer Smith, tells me that Les was admitted to the bar... More about Leslie Paris, 1928 - 2000.

Martin Strong, 1939 – 2000

Founder and chair of REAL, Martin Strong, died unexpectedly on 18 November 2000 aged 61 – ironically the day after the Minister of Justice announced the long-awaited reforms to conveyancing, real estate selling and the Law Practitioners Act. Martin Strong studied law at Victorial University of Wellington and worked for... More about Martin Strong, 1939 – 2000.

Stuart Ennor, 1926 – 1999

This obituary is based on the eulogy Bob Narev gave at Stuart Ennor’s funeral. New Zealand Law Society counsel and legal adviser for the last 20 years, Stuart Ennor died last month in Auckland aged 73. Born in Auckland, Stuart Ennor began part-time studies in law when he was 16,... More about Stuart Ennor, 1926 – 1999.

Martyn Finlay QC, 1912 - 1999

The man who created what is now known as the Disputes Tribunal and instigated the duty solicitor scheme, fomer Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Dr Martyn Finlay QC, died in January 1999 aged 87. Allan Martyn Finlay was born in Dunedin on 1 January 1912. He attended Otago Boys' High... More about Martyn Finlay QC, 1912 - 1999.

John Fowler, 1966 - 1998

by Rebecca Kitteridge John Fowler, a senior associate at Bell Gully Buddle Weir in Wellington, died on 20 July 1998 at the age of 32, after a long illness. John attended St Patrick’s College in Wellington from 1979 to 1983, at which time he developed his love of language, logic... More about John Fowler, 1966 - 1998.

Justice Paul Temm, 1931 - 1997

High Court judge and former New Zealand Law Society Vice President Justice Paul Temm died in Auckland last month aged 66. Appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1971 he appeared on six occasions before the Privy Council. His electoral petition in 1978 which won Winston Peters the Hunua seat, effectively launched... More about Justice Paul Temm, 1931 - 1997.

John David Rabone, 1938 - 1995

High Court Judge John Rabone died in Timaru Hospital late last month. He had been ill since suffering a heart attack earlier that month while on circuit in Timaru. Justice Rabone had been a District Court judge in the Wellington region until October 1994 when he was appointed to the... More about John David Rabone, 1938 - 1995.

Paul Darvell, 1947 – 1995

New Zealand lost one of its foremost commercial lawyers when Paul Darvell died on 7 November 1995 aged 48 years. Paul was born in Wellington, and educated at Wellington College and Victoria University. He initially worked as a solicitor for Chapman Tripp & Co before going to Auckland in 1972... More about Paul Darvell, 1947 – 1995.

John Hamilton Hall, 1925 - 1994

Judge John Hamilton Hall, formerly a permanent judge of the Otahuhu District Court, died in Auckland in April 1994 aged 68. Born in Carterton and educated at Wellington College and Victoria University of Wellington, he later joined the British Colonial Service, holding various posts in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in the... More about John Hamilton Hall, 1925 - 1994.

Sir Clinton Roper, 1918 – 1994

Justice Neil Williamson of Christchurch delivered the following eulogy at the funeral of his “judicial father” Sir Clinton Roper who died in March 1994. Who could capture in words the combination of personal characteristics which made Clin such a loved and respected man? Yesterday, Nicola summed up her father as... More about Sir Clinton Roper, 1918 – 1994.

Walter Mervyn Rodgers, 1925 - 1994

by Alan Ritchie Walter Mervyn Rodgers was the New Zealand Law Society’s Secretary-General from 1971, coming to Wellington from his legal practice in Invercargill. He served as Secretary-General under seven Presidents – Denis McGrath, Stanley Ton, Guy Smith, Lester Castle, Laurie Southwick QC, Tom Eichelbaum QC and Bruce Slane. On... More about Walter Mervyn Rodgers, 1925 - 1994.

Eric Hogg, 1897 - 1994

Former Wellington lawyer and honorary life member of the Wellington District Law Society, Eric Hogg, died in January 1994 aged 96. A Wellington College pupil and graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, Mr Hogg began legal practice with the firm of Luke and Kennedy in 1920. In 1928 he went... More about Eric Hogg, 1897 - 1994.

Keith Hadfield, 1931 - 1994

Christchurch practitioner Keith Hadfield died last month, aged 63. A member of the New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal from November 1985 to 1991, he was also actively involved in district law society affairs. He was admitted to the partnership of Papprill Frampton in 1961 and acted for a wide... More about Keith Hadfield, 1931 - 1994.

Brian McClelland QC, 1920 – 1993

To countless clients, long unremembered, he was Brian – or just occasionally, in a rush of invariably redundant affection, Briany (Briny?) or Mac. To scores of judges of varying ability and degrees of self-importance, he was Mr McClelland – but always said with an inflection that defined the relationship. To... More about Brian McClelland QC, 1920 – 1993.

Sir Alexander Turner, 1901 - 1993

Sir Alexander Turner, a former President of the Court of Appeal, died in Auckland earlier this month, aged 91. After his retirement as Court President in 1973, Sir Alexander, KBE, kept a critical eye on government legislation. Born in Auckland in 1901, he attended Auckland Grammar School and Auckland University... More about Sir Alexander Turner, 1901 - 1993.

Sir Campbell Wylie, 1905 - 1992

Former Commonwealth Judge Sir Campbell Wylie has died in Auckland, aged 87. Born in Dannevirke on 14 May 1905 and educated there, then at Auckland Grammar School and Victoria University in Wellington, Sir Campbell graduated in law in 1928 and practised at Kaikohe until the Second World War. He served... More about Sir Campbell Wylie, 1905 - 1992 .

Frank Wong, 1950 – 1992

Frank Wong, 1950 – 1992 Frank Wong, an experienced international negotiator for the Ministry of External Relations and Trade, has died in Wellington aged 41. Born in Gisborne, Frank attended Gisborne Boys’ High School, and graduated LLB(Hons) from Auckland University in 1973. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in... More about Frank Wong, 1950 – 1992.

John Fox, 1939 – 1991

Prominent Christchurch solicitor John Fox died recently, aged 52. John Fox was one of the leading members of the legal profession in Christchurch. Quiet and very definite, he developed his opinions meticulously and with total sincerity. He attended Opawa Primary School and then Waitaki Boys’ High School as a boarder... More about John Fox, 1939 – 1991.

Derrick McLeod, 1925 – 1991

The son of high country sheep farmers, Derrick McLeod was born in Timaru in 1925. He attended Timaru Boys’ High School where he was a member of the 1st Cricket XI which he captained for two years, and played representative cricket at sub-union level. In his final year at school... More about Derrick McLeod, 1925 – 1991.

Frank George Opie, 1903 - 1990

This tribute to the late FG Opie by Manawatu District Law Society President Chris Walshaw was presented at a special sitting of the High Court in Palmerston North on 14 March 1991, presided over by the Hon Mr Justice McGechan.May it please Your Honour. This is a special sitting of... More about Frank George Opie, 1903 - 1990.

Warwick Flaus, 1949 - 1989

Warwick Flaus died on 7 January 1989 after an illness extending over 18 months. At the age of 39 he had much still to contribute to the law, society and his family. He cared deeply about all three.He held the degrees of BA and LLB(Hons) from Victoria University and was... More about Warwick Flaus, 1949 - 1989.

Denis McGrath CBE, 1910-1986

Denis McGrath died at Wellington on 14 June 1986, just before his 76th birthday.Born in 1910, he was the eldest of three sons of John Joseph McGrath, one of many West Coasters who made their mark in the capital and of whom memorable tales are still told.Denis suffered ill-health as... More about Denis McGrath CBE, 1910-1986.

John William Brown, 1930 - 1985

Retired Accident Corporation deputy manager and former public trust solicitor John Brown has died.Starting his legal career with the Public Trust in 1950 John Brown was appointed Wellington office district solicitor in 1959 and six months later district solicitor in Invercargill.In 1963 he transferred to Auckland as district solicitor and... More about John William Brown, 1930 - 1985.

John Albert Carrad, 1908 - 1984

Prominent Wellington lawyer John Carrad died in Wellington in January 1984.A specialist in conveyancing, Mr Carrad had recently merged his practice with Messrs Bernie O'Donnell and Tony Southall under the name of Carrad, O'Donnell and Southall.He was also president of the University Cricket Club for over 50 years, and was... More about John Albert Carrad, 1908 - 1984.

George Maynard Murch, 1903 - 1983

The death occurred recently in Wellington of George Maynard Murch, formerly a widely-known and well-respected commercial lawyer specialising in the co-operative dairy company field where his opinion and advice was sought throughout the country.He was born in Wanganui and educated at the Collegiate School. On completing his law professional exams... More about George Maynard Murch, 1903 - 1983.

Gordon L McLeod, 1908 - 1983

The death occurred in February 1983 of Dr GL McLeod, a partner in Macalister, Mazengarb, Parkin & Rose, Wellington.Gordon McLeod was born in 1908 and was intensely proud of the fact that he established himself in life through his own efforts and without medical support.His first chosen profession was that... More about Gordon L McLeod, 1908 - 1983.

Sir David Smith, 1888 - 1982

Sir David Smith, former Supreme Court judge, who was outstanding among New Zealand judges for his wide range of interests, died in Wellington on 29 December 1982.At the comparatively early age of 40, Sir David was appointed to the Supreme Court bench. He was the second-youngest judge appointed to this... More about Sir David Smith, 1888 - 1982.

Derek G Fels, 1947 – 1982

Derek Fels, a Dunedin practitioner, died in March 1982 aged 34. A notable contributor to Otago District Law Society affairs in recent years, Mr Fels was a member of the organising committees of both the Centennial Celebrations in 1979 and the successful 1981 New Zealand Law Society Triennial Conference in... More about Derek G Fels, 1947 – 1982.

Laurie Laurenson, 1898 - 1979

Mr Laurie Laurenson, one of the most senior and respected members of the Palmerston North Bar, died on 8 October 1979 aged 81.Mr Laurenson, who practised law in Palmerston North for more than 60 years, was described by one of his partners, John McFarlane, as "a gentleman of real dignity... More about Laurie Laurenson, 1898 - 1979.

John Kevin Cullinane, 1928 - 1977

Mr John Kevin Cullinane, a former Wellington District Law Society Council member, died in Greytown in September. He was born in Dannevirke in 1928, his family being early settlers in the southern Hawke's Bay where his father and member of his family were engaged in farming.Following his leaving school he... More about John Kevin Cullinane, 1928 - 1977.

Herbert Taylor, 1900 - 1978

Mr Herbert Taylor, a leading Wellington lawyer for many years, died recently in his 79th year. He had practised law for 53 years, of which 50 were spent in Wellington, and was still active professionally until the day of his death.Born in Invercargill, Mr Taylor studied law at Victoria University... More about Herbert Taylor, 1900 - 1978.

Walter Richard Birks, 1911 – 1974

Mr Walter Birks, known affectionately to many people as “Tom Birks”, died in Rotorua on 3 February 1974. Stipendiary magistrate on the Rotorua circuit since 1969, he was previously Crown Prosecutor in Wellington for 12 years and, before that, assistant Crown Prosecutor under the late Sir William Cunningham. With his... More about Walter Richard Birks, 1911 – 1974.

David Perry, 1896 - 1973

A caricature of David Perry published in "Council Brief". David Perry, Vice-President of the New Zealand Law Society, was on the high seas returning from a holiday in Britain when Law Society President Allan Buxton's sudden death occurred in 1959, and he came home to take up an office... More about David Perry, 1896 - 1973.

Walter Scott Reid, 1839 - 1920

The first President of the New Zealand Law Society, Reid was also the first non-political holder of the role of Solicitor-General which he held for 25 years – the longest tenure ever. He was highly respected as an expert law draftsman and constitutional lawyer.Reid was born in Edinburgh in 1839.... More about Walter Scott Reid, 1839 - 1920.

Benson Henry Wyman, 1881 - 1918

Benson Wyman died of complications from influenza at Featherston Military Camp on 15 November 1918. He was aged 36. He is buried at Featherston Cemetery, Western Lake Road, Featherston. Benson was born on 22 December 1881. His parents were Alice Mary and William Henry Wyman, both of whom had emigrated... More about Benson Henry Wyman, 1881 - 1918.

James Robertson, 1885 - 1918

James Robertson died from pneumonia on 22 October 1918 while serving in France with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade. He was aged 33. He is buried at the Ste Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. James was born in Dunedin on 8 May 1885. His parents were Bridget and James Robertson.... More about James Robertson, 1885 - 1918.

Eric Lyon, 1889 - 1918

Eric Lyon was killed in action at Havrincourt, France on 29 September 1918. He was aged 29. He is buried at Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery, Villers-Plouich, France. Eric was born in Wellington on 26 May 1889. His parents were Edith Mary and William Deans Lyon and he was the second... More about Eric Lyon, 1889 - 1918.

Arnold Thomson, 1886 - 1918

Arnold Thomson died of wounds received during fighting in France on 27 August 1918. He was aged 32. He is buried at Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, France.Arnold was born in Dunedin on 25 April 1886. His parents were Elizabeth Sarah and William Thomson. He attended Dunedin's Central School, before going... More about Arnold Thomson, 1886 - 1918.

Charles Darling, 1886 - 1918

Charles Darling was killed in fighting around Bapaume in France on 26 August 1918. He was aged 32 and is buried at Vaulx Hill Cemetery in France. Charles was born in Dunedin on 14 May 1886. His parents were Harriet Walsingham and Charles Darling. His father was cable editor of... More about Charles Darling, 1886 - 1918.

Athol Thomas Hart, 1891 - 1918

Athol Hart was killed in action in France on 21 August 1918, aged 27. He is buried at Hebuterne Military Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. Athol was born in Auckland on 24 January 1891. His parents were Sarah and Edwin Thomas Hart. He had two younger brothers and his father was headmaster... More about Athol Thomas Hart, 1891 - 1918.

Colin Hally MC, 1892 - 1918

Colin Hally was killed in action fighting on the Somme in France on 6 April 1918. He was aged 25. He is buried at Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, France. Colin was born on 24 June 1891 at Cambridge. His parents were Elizabeth and James Hally. His father was a solicitor... More about Colin Hally MC, 1892 - 1918.

Robert Spence, 1878 - 1917

Robert Spence was aged 38 when he was killed in action at Ypres in Belgium during the First Battle of Passchendaele on 12 October 1917. A brilliant law student, he had built up a large litigation practice in Stratford before he enlisted in 1916.Robert was born in Woodstock on the... More about Robert Spence, 1878 - 1917.

John Coradine, 1887 - 1917

John Coradine was killed in action at Ypres, Belgium on 3 August 1917. He was aged 29. His name is on the Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial in the Messines Ridge British Cemetery in Belgium.John, who was widely known as Jack, was born on 8 August 1887 in Timaru. His... More about John Coradine, 1887 - 1917.

Gerald Horton Fell, 1881 - 1917

Gerald Fell left a successful legal career to enlist in the Army. He was killed in action in Belgium on 7 June 1917, aged 36. He is buried at Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Heuvelland, Belgium. Gerald was born in Blenheim on 24 February 1881. His parents were Alfred George and... More about Gerald Horton Fell, 1881 - 1917.

Lewis Jardine, 1883 - 1916

Lewis Jardine was killed in the Battle of the Somme on 25 September 1916. He was aged 32. He is buried at Quarry Cemetery, Montauban, France.Lewis was born in Manchester, England on 9 December 1883. His parents, Catherine and John Ferguson Jardine, emigrated to New Zealand when Lewis and his... More about Lewis Jardine, 1883 - 1916.

Frank Jones, 1883 - 1916

Frank Jones died of wounds received while fighting in France on 23 September 1916. He was aged 33. He is buried at Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France.Frank was born at Oamaru on 17 August 1883. His parents were Dorothy and George Jones. His father was editor and owner of... More about Frank Jones, 1883 - 1916.

Aro Keith Baker, 1892 - 1916

Keith Baker was killed in action on 9 July 1916 near Armentieres in France. He was aged 23. He is buried at Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, France. Keith was born in Auckland on 7 November 1892. His parents were Catherine Elizabeth and James Ebenezer Baker. The family moved to... More about Aro Keith Baker, 1892 - 1916.

James Houlker, 1880 - 1915

James Houlker died of wounds on the hospital ship Valdivia off Gallipoli on 10 August 1915. He was aged 35. He was buried at sea near Anzac Cove. His name is on the Lone Pine Memorial.James was born in Blackburn, Lancashire England on 17 May 1880. His parents were Hannah... More about James Houlker, 1880 - 1915.

27 September 2017

Hugh Douglas Turnbull, 1914-2017

Hugh Douglas Turnbull ONZM, who gave 63 years of service to the Parliamentary Counsel Office in a high-achieving career, died on 17 September 2017. He was 103.Outside of the legal profession Mr Turnbull flew reconnaissance missions during the Second World War, was selected – but turned down the spot – ... More about Hugh Douglas Turnbull, 1914-2017.